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Boat Handling in Tight Quarters

Dock your boat like a pro and avoid the embarrassment of crunchy landings. Docking tricks for any close quarters situations, plus special tricks for boat-handling in windy or crowded anchorages.

Coastal Navigation Workshop: Five Evening Chart work class

This fast-moving workshop covers the essentials of coastal navigation for cruising the Channel Islands, Mexico and beyond.  Topics include visual piloting, basic electronics (GPS, radar, depth meters), piloting into new harbors, nighttime navigation,  and a special emphasis on fog navigation and ship avoidance.  Each of the five classes has confidence-building practical chart work.

Required equipment;  Set of parallel rules & dividers,  sharp pencil,  a copy of Chart Symbols booklet and the chart of Santa Barbara Channel,  #18720. These items are available at the local marine supply stores.  In-class materials (class notes) are purchased directly from instructor

Anchors and Anchoring Techniques

Choosing the best anchor equipment, sure-fire anchoring techniques (under sail or power), dealing with dragging anchors, anchoring for specific weather conditions. More local knowledge.

Heavy Weather Sailing

Setting up your boat for easy reefing.  Steering in heavy winds & seas.  Heavy weather psychology — changing plans for changing conditions.

Channel Islands Weather Patterns and Anchorage

Learn about the Channel weather patterns, visual weather indicators and surviving the Santa Anas. You’ll also discover the best anchorages for specific conditions, where to go and where not to, cruise routes for the Channel Islands and Southern California and how best to plan your cruise.